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Like most people, you most likely use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. What if there was a method to enhance your chatting experience even further? There is! A modified version of the standard WhatsApp app with a ton of unique features is called FMWhatsApp iOS. So try out FMWhatsApp iOS if you're looking for an upgrade!

You may text people who aren't on your contact list by just typing their number from the drop-down list and sending a message, thanks to the unique features of FMWhatsApp iOS. Sending texts to over 100 individuals at once or sending more than 30 photos to a single recipient or group are just two of the fascinating options available.

Table of Contents

1.What is FMWhatsApp iOS?

2.FMWhatsApp iOS 2023 Amazing Features

  • Hide Online Status

  • Writing Status

  • Recording status

  • Cleaner

  • Wallpapers

  • Auto-Reply

  • Themes

  • Customization

  • Sharing

  • Security

  • Logs and history

  • Type Faces and Design

3.How to Download FMWhatsApp iOS?



What is FMWhatsApp iOS?

Despite being an altered version of the genuine WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp iOS Apk functions flawlessly alongside the original WhatsApp. The WhatsApp bp WhatsApp theme makes Blue plus Whatsapp 2023 so unique. BlueWAPlus has features including view-only media downloads, message deletion protection, and online status concealment.

FMWhatsApp iOS 2023 Amazing Features

Hide Online Status

This is a highly prevalent and practical feature of all MOD WA, enabling you to conceal your online status from others. When you enable this option, it implies that nobody can see you when you are online. When you keep your online activity a secret from others, you benefit.

Blue ticks should be hidden since in FMWhatsApp iOS; users receive a single tick when a message is sent, a double tick when it is delivered, and a double blue tick when it is seen. Blue ticks can be hidden, keeping others from knowing that you have viewed their messages.

Writing Status

WhatsApp's function allows the recipient of a message to know that you are currently typing and writing something to him. You may quickly turn it off in FMWhatsApp iOS' privacy settings if you don't want people to know your writing status.

Recording status

You can hide your recording state from others, just like you can with your writing status. Download hip and fashionable sticker sets from this website. Based on sticker trends, we update them. Download the sticker maker from this website to create your sticker packs for FMWhatsApp iOS.


If you need to eliminate unnecessary chats, explicit chats, and other things to use, this cleaner tool is a perfect tool for you.


Everyone uses their smartphone to customize the background image, right? Those who enjoy setting wallpaper for their chat window might check out some awesome wallpapers from our website.


The Whatsapp Business app typically has the auto-reply option; regular WA does not. However, the Auto-reply feature is included in the most recent FMWhatsApp iOS APK. Use it to set up an automatic response when someone messages you.


Not all Mod versions of WhatsApp offer this; it is a rare feature of MOD WhatsApp. A theme option is a tool that lets you personalize the FMWhatsApp iOS interface however you like. Numerous themes made by other users are readily available; you can join them by creating your theme and posting it to FMWhatsApp iOS.


FMWhatsApp iOS caters to the interests of its customers in addition to offering some fascinating features. You can use FMWhatsApp iOS and personalize it however you like; you can change the user interface, chat screen, main screen, and header. Additionally, its widgets and notification messages are customizable.


Unlike the standard version of WA, FMWhatsApp iOS lets you uniquely share content. It allows up to 7 minutes of video, 50 MB of video size, 100 MB of audio, and original quality photos. It also allows you to share videos longer than 30 seconds.


Why don't you lock your Whatsapp if you're worried about the increased security of FMWhatsApp iOS? NO, a third-party app is not necessary to protect it. Whatsapp+'s most recent version includes a lock feature. Create passwords, and protect your WA.

Logs and history

WA+ offers a log and history function that keeps track of everything you do in WA Plus, from start to finish.

Type Faces and Design

This Whatsapp mod contains a wide selection of typefaces with incredible sizes, styles, and shapes. You would want to try these.

How to Download FMWhatsApp iOS?

The steps below to obtain the most recent version of FMWhatsApp iOS:

  • The download button is located above.
  • Go to the privacy of your phone's configurations and turn on the option to permit downloads from untrusted sources.
  • The download of Blue Plus WhatsApp takes some time.
  • Install is now clickable.
  • Write the activation code and your mobile number.



FMWhatsApp iOS is worth looking into if you've been searching for a solution to improve your WhatsApp experience or are just interested. In addition to the conventional messaging programs on Android and iOS devices, this customized version of the initial version of WhatsApp Messenger has several unique capabilities. Making group chats with up to 256 individuals with this app is a valuable tool that makes managing large projects more accessible than ever. If you enjoy what you saw, we advise you to get FMWhatsApp iOS immediately!


How can I access the Google Play store to download it?

They created the modded version of WhatsApp called FMWhatsApp iOS, which is not accessible through the Google Play Store.

Is downloading FMWhatsApp iOS secure?

Before sharing the file with the public, it was both online and using antivirus software inspected.

Does FMWhatsApp iOS resemble FMWhatsApp iOS in any way?

FMWhatsApp iOS has several extra capabilities overFMWhatsApp iOS and other modified WhatsApp programs.

How can FMWhatsApp iOS be updated?

When there is an update, the app itself will provide you with a notification.

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