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GB WhatsApp is a copy version of the original WhatsApp with many features but it has an outstanding themes collection. GBWhatsApp Themes is one of the interesting features that is not found in the original WhatsApp. You may surprise when you will explore the themes to enhance the beauty of this app. The themes will change the look of your interface and also with them, you can change the font color & size. Here I will properly guide you on how you can change and apply the GB WhatsApp themes.

Table of Contents

1.What is GBWhatsApp Theme?

2.How Many Types of GBWhatsApp Themes?

  • GBWhatsApp Themes

  • Rose Them

  • Teddy Bear

  • Age of Ultron Theme



  • Apple iPhone GB Whatsapp Wallpaper

  • Love Calculator GBWhatsapp Wallpaper

3.How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp Theme?

4.How do Delete GBWhatsApp Theme?



What is GBWhatsApp Theme?

Lots of people from you who are not using this app and do not know about it. Many Android smartphones allow you to use GB WhatsApp with the customization interface. So many times you have used UI editor to convert your interface into a beautiful thee but it takes a long time. But GB WhatsApp Themes allows you just select and apply them to your interface. Before applying another theme you can delete your previous theme. The theme of the original Whatsapp is just in black and white.

How Many Types of GBWhatsApp Themes?

GB WhatsApp Themes have two types offline and online. In the offline type, you can apply them without the internet and it has only a color effect. Online themes are awesome when you connect to the internet and you can download several themes according to your design and color scheme choice. Don’t worry it takes only 5 to 10 MB of space.

GBWhatsApp Themes

I’m going to share with you some themes that will solve your problem to select it.

Rose Them

It will design your interface like a rose so download it if you like roses.

Teddy Bear

There are lots of people maybe they are girls or boys have liked teddy bears. When you will apply that theme it shows teddy bears on your app interface that gives a lovely touch.

Age of Ultron Theme

I bet you if you are a fan of transforming movies or cartoons you would never leave this theme. The Age of Ultron theme has a huge collection and you can choose any one of them. It gives you feel like a superhero and it is free.


If you like animals and black lovers such as wolves this thee is for you. With black base color and a little bit of touch of white, it gives you a brave look. Leideh Wolf is a popular GB WhatsApp theme with a black background.


It is the best option for those who want some funky and colorful touch on their app theme. Guellitns colors theme gives a colorful touch to your interface and it is minimalistic too.

Apple iPhone GB Whatsapp Wallpaper

If you want a look like iPhone on your interface this theme is a good option for you. It is an awesome wallpaper for iPhone in a copper color that gives you a feel of using an iPhone.

Love Calculator GBWhatsapp Wallpaper

This theme is for all lovers. It gives you a love effect of sharp pink and you can enjoy the conversation with your loved ones. It is free so why you are waiting just download and enjoy.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp Theme?

If you have an Android phone it is quite easy for you to download and install GB WhatsApp Themes. If you have a good internet connection it will be done in a few minutes. Follow these steps.

First, go to the GB WhatsApp setting and click on the three dots on the right side of your screen. Search here for the download option and open it. Look for the search option on the right side of the page. Select the theme according to your choice. Click on apply option on the theme that you want to download. Click on the install option but remember one thing you need to reset the app after applying the theme.

How do Delete GBWhatsApp Theme?

If you want to delete the GB WhatsApp Themes you need to launch them on your mobile. Now go to settings and click on it on the application. Select the setting and then go to the list. Choose here the delete theme option to clear the added them on your app.


GB WhatsApp is doing amazing things in the industry of apps that other versions can’t do. GB WhatsApp themes are amazing in looking and have unique colors or designs. I hope your search is over for the best themes and you can choose the theme according to your taste. All themes are free of cost. By scrolling the page up you can choose a theme. If you want a colorful theme Guellitas Color is the best option for you.


Is GB WhatsApp offering the best themes for the interface?

Yes, GB Whatsapp offers the best GB WhatsApp theme that you can download, apply and delete free of cost.

Can I download GB WhatsApp Themes for my iPhone?

Yes, you can download the GB WhatsApp Themes not only for your Android devices but also for iPhone or iOS devices without any charge. You can change the theme at any time.

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