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App Name Instagram++ Apk
Publisher GBPlus
Size 25.4 MB
Latest Version v10.14.1
Required 4.4 +
MOD Info For Android, iOS, iPhone & iPad
Genre Social
Developer Instagram
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Instagram, a widely used social media platform, attracts millions of users who share their photos, videos, and stories on a daily basis. However, some individuals may feel that the official Instagram app lacks certain desired features or functionalities. This is where Instagram++ APK comes into play, offering modified versions of the app that introduce a variety of new features and customizations, enhancing the Instagram experience in thrilling ways. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Instagram++ Apk, we present this guide to expand your knowledge about this latest version of the app.

Table of Contents

1.What is Instagram++ Apk?

2.Why Download Instagram++ APK?

3.Features Of the Instagram++ Apk

  • View Full-Sized Profile Pictures:

  • Reels Downloader:

  • Download Photos And Videos:

  • Disable Read Receipts:

  • In-App Translation:

  • Voice Changer:

  • Instagram Live Scheduling:



What is Instagram++ Apk?

It is an altered version of the Instagram app, designed to unlock numerous customization options. Through Instagram++, users can personalize their Instagram encounter by incorporating fresh features and eliminating unwanted elements from the app. The development of Instagram++ Apk has been undertaken by third-party developers who strive to provide users with novel experiences that bring a refreshing touch to the familiar official app.

Why Download Instagram++ APK?

Well, there are a number of causes. First off, Instagram++ APK gives you the opportunity to hide your online status from your followers, making you look offline. For those who want to prevent unwanted messages or notifications, this tool is helpful. In addition, the mod provides a wide range of customization options, including the ability to change the color of the app icon, remove sponsored posts and articles, and deactivate the grid view.

Downloading Instagram++ APK enables you to customize your Instagram experience to your tastes and have access to a world of unique features.

Features Of the Instagram++ Apk

View Full-Sized Profile Pictures:

Another remarkable capability offered by Instagram++ Apk is the option to view profile pictures in their entirety. Unlike the official Instagram app, which displays profile pictures in a cropped circular frame, Instagram++ Apk grants you access to the full-sized version of any user's profile picture, allowing for a more detailed viewing experience.

Reels Downloader:

With the latest update, Instagram++ Apk now includes a dedicated Reels downloader, enabling you to save Reels videos directly to your device. This exciting addition is perfect for avid Reels enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite videos even when offline or store them for future viewing pleasure.

Download Photos And Videos:

One of the standout features of Instagram++ Apk is the ability to effortlessly download photos and videos from Instagram. With this convenient functionality, you can save your favorite Instagram content directly to your device and enjoy it offline whenever you please.

Disable Read Receipts:

Instagram++ Apk empowers you with the ability to disable read receipts for direct messages, providing you with the freedom to read messages without the pressure of instantly responding. By turning off read receipts, you can browse messages at your own pace, ensuring a stress-free communication experience.

In-App Translation:

Instagram++ Apk integrates a built-in translation feature that enables you to effortlessly translate captions and comments into your preferred language. This feature proves especially valuable for users who follow accounts in different languages, facilitating seamless interaction and understanding across diverse cultures.

Voice Changer:

Instagram++ Apk introduces an entertaining voice changer feature, allowing you to modify the pitch of your voice when recording audio for Stories or direct messages. This fun functionality adds a playful twist to your Instagram content, enhancing your creativity and captivating your audience with unique vocal effects.

Instagram Live Scheduling:

Planning and promoting your Instagram Live broadcasts has never been easier with the Instagram++ Apk's new live scheduling feature. Seamlessly schedule your live sessions, ensuring that you maximize engagement and reach your desired audience at the optimal time.


Instagram++ Apk presents a range of exciting features and customizations that can enhance your Instagram experience. From downloading photos and videos, disabling read receipts, and viewing full-sized profile pictures to in-app translation, convenient video and photo sharing, and the ability to schedule Instagram Live sessions, Instagram++ Apk offers a variety of valuable tools and options.

Ultimately, Instagram++ Apk can provide an enhanced Instagram experience for those who value customization and additional features. Just remember to weigh the potential risks and benefits, use the app responsibly, and enjoy the exciting possibilities it offers within the bounds of your device's security and Instagram's terms of service.


Are there regular updates for Instagram++ Apk?

Instagram++ Apk is developed by third-party developers, and updates may not be as frequent or consistent as the official Instagram app. It's important to be aware of the potential risks and limitations associated with using modified apps.

Can I revert to the official Instagram app after using Instagram++ Apk?

Yes, you can uninstall Instagram++ Apk and reinstall the official Instagram app from your device's app store.

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