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App Name NEWhatsApp APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 28 MB
Latest Version v7.05
Required Android 4.0+
MOD Info For Android
Genre NEWhatsApp
Developer Altornedo7
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Last Update few seconds ago
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In an age where communication is at our fingertips, WhatsApp has become the go-to messaging app for billions of users worldwide. But what if there was a way to enhance your WhatsApp experience beyond its standard features? Enter NEWhatsApp APK, a remarkable application that takes WhatsApp to new heights with its extraordinary offerings. From unique themes, personalized fonts, and captivating wallpapers to enhanced privacy settings and exciting add-ons, NEWhatsApp APK allows you to make your WhatsApp truly your own.

Join us as we dive into the immersive world of NEWhatsApp APK, discovering its exceptional features, unrivaled customization options, and the remarkable impact it can have on your everyday messaging.

Table of Contents

1.What is NEWhatsApp APK?

2.Why Download NEWhatsApp APK?

3.What Are The Best Features of NEWhatsApp Apk

  • App Lock:

  • Online Toast:

  • DND Mode:

  • Message Recall:

  • Message Scheduling:

  • Group Management:

  • Status Downloader:

  • Inbuilt App Cleaner:

  • Media Sharing:

4.Conclusion/Final Verdict


What is NEWhatsApp APK?

With NEWhatsApp APK, users can explore unique themes, customize fonts, icons, and wallpapers, and access advanced privacy settings. It also offers additional functionalities such as message scheduling, hiding online status, and much more. NEWhatsApp APK presents a refreshing twist on traditional WhatsApp, providing users with the freedom to tailor their messaging experience to their individual styles and preferences.

Why Download NEWhatsApp APK?

To get a whole new universe of WhatsApp options, download NEWhatsApp APK. Get unparalleled personalization possibilities, improved privacy protections, and more capabilities that go above and beyond the basic WhatsApp functionality. You may genuinely customize and make your WhatsApp one-of-a-kind so that it reflects your particular tastes and style with NEWhatsApp APK.

What Are The Best Features of NEWhatsApp Apk

Here are the features of this app.

App Lock:

NEWhatsApp APK allows users to secure their WhatsApp application with an additional layer of security through app lock functionality. Users can set a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock to protect their conversations and ensure privacy.

Online Toast:

This feature provides real-time notifications when a specific contact comes online on WhatsApp. It allows users to stay informed about the online activity of important contacts.

DND Mode:

NEWhatsApp APK offers a "Do Not Disturb" mode that allows users to disable internet connectivity for the app. This feature is useful when you want to stay offline on WhatsApp without affecting other apps or services on your device.

Message Recall:

With this feature, users can recall or delete sent messages, including text, images, and files, from both their device and the recipient's device. It provides an opportunity to rectify mistakes or delete sensitive information.

Message Scheduling:

NEWhatsApp APK allows users to schedule messages to be sent at a later time. This feature is particularly useful for sending reminders, birthday wishes, or important announcements without the need to remember to send them manually.

Group Management:

NEWhatsApp APK provides enhanced group management options, allowing users to pin important chats, set custom group icons, hide the last seen for specific groups, and even disable group notifications.

Status Downloader:

This feature enables users to download and save the statuses (photos or videos) of their contacts directly to their device's gallery, making it convenient to keep memorable or interesting statuses.

Inbuilt App Cleaner:

NEWhatsApp APK includes an inbuilt app cleaner feature that helps users clear unnecessary files, such as cache and residual files, from the application, freeing up storage space and optimizing performance.

Media Sharing:

The APK offers enhanced media sharing capabilities, enabling users to send larger files, such as videos, documents, and audio files, with ease. This feature makes it convenient to share multimedia content without worrying about size limitations.

Conclusion/Final Verdict

NEWhatsApp APK offers an extraordinary WhatsApp experience with its extensive customization options, enhanced privacy features, and additional functionalities. It empowers users to personalize their interface, protect their privacy, schedule messages, and enjoy a range of convenient features not found in the official WhatsApp app. If you are seeking a unique and enhanced messaging experience, NEWhatsApp APK can be a game-changer, elevating your WhatsApp usage and allowing you to express your individuality in the world of communication.


Can I transfer my existing WhatsApp data to NEWhatsApp APK?

Yes, you can transfer your existing WhatsApp data (chat history, media files) to NEWhatsApp APK by taking a backup in the official WhatsApp app and restoring it in NEWhatsApp.

Are there regular updates available for NEWhatsApp APK?

NEWhatsApp APK is periodically updated by its developers to introduce new features, enhance performance, and ensure compatibility. It's advisable to check for updates and download them from trusted sources.

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