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App Name NSWhatsApp APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 58.1 MB
Latest Version v9.65
Required 4.4 +
MOD Info For Android
Genre Communication
Developer Nairton Silva
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Last Update few seconds ago
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One of the most popular apps is WhatsApp. It is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods and has received over 1 billion downloads. Knowing there are many intriguing options for this stuff is excellent because it is far better than the official WhatsApp.

It has more functionality than WhatsApp's official version. This version has many features that must be included in the official application. It provides a fantastic customizability option that is absent from other WhatsApp mods.

Table of Contents

1.What is NSWhatsApp APK?

2.NSWhatsApp APK 2023 Amazing Features

  • Anti-Ban

  • Themes

  • Fonts

  • Video Status Update

  • Auto-Reply to Messages

  • Media Sharing

  • Privacy Choices

  • Customizable User Interface

  • Smileys

  • Quick Updates

3.How to Download and Install NSWhatsApp?

4.Backing Up NSWhatsapp Information



What is NSWhatsApp APK?

NSWhatsApp APK is a special app that lets users go beyond what the local app lets them do. It also has a lot of outstanding characteristics that will be interesting to you. If you use this app, you'll get more and more benefits than you would with most other apps.

You can also change the background and icon of your chats with this great app. There are a lot of styles you can use in the app, which are also often changed. There are different styles and colors, so you don't need extra programs.

NSWhatsApp APK 2023 Amazing Features


The WhatsApp privacy agencies have not placed any restrictions on this application. The creators believe this app is the safest for all smartphones and other device types.


WhatsApp has various themes that let you alter the APC's user interface. For instance, you may alter the background of contacts, discussions, and icon images. With NS WhatsApp, you may modify the theme and alter the color. Although NS WhatsApp already has a ton of themes, you can easily download more to customize them.


Your phone comes with a ton of font selections that are necessary for it to function, but NSWhatsApp also offers a ton of colors, designs, and font sizes. Pick a good and develop a unique conversational style.

Video Status Update

In WhatsApp's official version, status updates can only contain 30-second videos. You must share short clips if the clip is longer than 30 seconds. NSWhatsApp allows 7-minute uncut clips.

Auto-Reply to Messages

You may quickly schedule your communications using NSWhatsApp.You can schedule a text for a future date and time. When the specified time comes, the APK file will notify the user that the data has been added. This functionality is beneficial for users who utilize NS WhatsApp for business transactions.

Media Sharing

You can send up to twenty megabytes of audio files using the NSWhatsApp app. NSWhatsApp is the best way to exchange audio files up to 300MB. You can quickly share films up to 1GB in size using this fantastic WhatsApp app.

Privacy Choices

NS WhatsApp offers a wide variety of privacy choices. With this WhatsApp app, you may hide the status and blue ticks, white ticks, and delivery reports. You frequently notice that the username you're conversing with has "typing" next to it. You may quickly hide this content and keep your identity a secret via WhatsApp.

Customizable User Interface

The APK file is completely editable—aids in adjusting the notification bar, app icon, and chat's color and style. On WhatsApp, all of these alternatives are free.


The APK download contains many emoticons absent from the official WhatsApp. Give others fresh emoticons, stickers, and GIFs. Surprise them by talking differently.

Quick Updates

When WhatsApp is online, this version is immediately updated. To upgrade NS WhatsApp, no formal procedures are necessary. You will receive the newest and most dependable features every time the software is automatically updated.

How to Download and Install NSWhatsApp?

  • To begin with, back up your conversations to NSWhatsApp Messenger's official version.
  • Then remove the application from your smartphone's app manager and allow NSWhatsapp APK installation from untrusted sources.
  • Download the APK for NSWhatsApp on your device by going to the datasheet.
  • After downloading, locate the downloaded file in the folder and tap it to launch the installation.
  • You can log in using your mobile number when the setup is finished.

Backing Up NSWhatsapp Information

What you need to know about the backup function in NSWhatsApp is as follows:

  • Backups are kept on trusted cloud servers, keeping your data secure.
  • You can set up regular daily backups to ensure that your data is constantly up to date
  • If you transfer phones or update your operating system, you can quickly restore their backed-up data.
  • After backing up your data, it is encrypted for additional security.


If you prefer to tweak or modify the user interface, NSWhatsapp APK is fantastic. Additionally, it offers excellent security features like Auto-reply, status concealment, and others. Unlike other WhatsApp mods, using NSWhatsApp will give you an anti-ban environment. So, how do you feel about it? Therefore, save time and obtain WhatsApp three-dimensional APK's latest version by clicking our download button. Additionally, check out our website for the most recent changes.


Can I use NSWhatsApp and the official WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, you can utilize both on a single device if you use different phone numbers. Using both apps simultaneously on the same device is impossible if you're using the same number. Therefore, you can use a new phone number to check out NSWhatsApp APK right now.

How do I update the APK for NSWhatsApp?

You know what it's like to use outdated, sluggish versions of WhatsApp mods if you use them. We provide free Instagram and WhatsApp updates on our website. Our website allows NSWhatsapp APK upgrades.

Is it secure to use NSWhatsApp APK?

Yes, even though it's a mod, it is virus and malware-free. Use NSWhatsapp APK without fear. APKs without viruses are also available on our website.

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