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Do you believe that ios apps are better than other apps too? Is it because of the better privacy then you are right! And to enhance your chances of better privacy, we introduce you to OGwhatsapp IOS! It is an encrypted app for smartphones and you can use lots of features on it. Due to technology apps and gadgets, it becomes very easy to communicate around the world.

OGWhatsApp iOS is the most dedicated version of WhatsApp with better options, style, and security. Due to its non-availability on Google Play Store, it can violate the terms and security of the app. OGWhatsApp IOS version has powerful features like settings, style, and customization of features.

Table of Contents

1.What is OGWhatsApp iOS?

2.Features of OGWhatsapp iOS

  • Modify Individual Words

  • Conceal Last Seen

  • Do-It-Yourself Customizations

  • DND Mode

  • Dim Mode

3.OGWhatsApp iOS 2023 New Amazing Features

4.Why Download OGWhatsApp iOS APK?

5.How to Download OGWhatsApp iOS APK on Android Phone?

6.How do Update OGWhatsApp iOS APK to the Latest Version?

7.How to Take Backup and Restore Chats on OGWhatsApp iOS APK?



What is OGWhatsApp iOS?

OGWhatsApp iOS is an application where you can talk with your companions, associates, and numerous others. It has different highlights that are not accessible in the first WhatsApp. It works for a wide range of Android gadgets and you can change text dimension, subject, DND Mode, Dim Mode, Message Timetable Mode, and numerous other phenomenal elements.

Features of OGWhatsapp iOS

Here are the amazing features of this app in detail:

Modify Individual Words

By utilizing this mode you can make your sentences delightful by choosing variety words and tweaking each and every word.

Conceal Last Seen

This mod of WhatsApp permits you to conceal your last seen from individuals. For instance, in the event that you were online around early afternoon and again online at 3:00 PM and didn't have any desire to show your last seen of WhatsApp to your friends just utilize this component.

Do-It-Yourself Customizations

You can change or redo the subject as indicated by your decision as it gives bunches of topics to utilize.

DND Mode

On the off chance that you need no one can upset you during work or you wouldn't converse with individuals then you can utilize the DND element to tell others not to upset you.

Dim Mode

You can change your topic in dull mode and it will change over into a highly contrasting mode highlight.

OGWhatsApp iOS 2023 New Amazing Features

In 2023 OGWhatsApp ios bring astounding highlights that you couldn't want anything more than to utilize. This large number of elements is as per the following. Pin Example and Lock, Reinforcement include, Transferring a video of 7 minutes, Extraordinary Tick Style, A few Gif pictures, Cool Launcher Symbol, Adding sticker from Play Store, Conceal Status Stories, visiting without saving Numbers, Text dimension, Grins, Stickers, and Emoticons, Read the erased message, Erase read the message and enormous size record sharing.

Why Download OGWhatsApp iOS APK?

OGWhatsApp IOS APK is a cutting-edge form of WhatsApp that give you staggering highlights to utilize. You can holler your inclination in a better manner by utilizing grins and stickers. This ogwhatsapp ios apk permits you to send and get great records, for example, pictures, recordings, sound, PDF, and Compress documents. With a few highlights, it made correspondence simple among individuals which is the reason individuals love to utilize it.

How to Download OGWhatsApp iOS APK on Android Phone?

To download OGWhatsApp iOS APK you want to follow a few stages.

Right off the bat get the download connection of OGWhatsapp IOS APK and afterward permit your Android telephone to introduce the application. Presently go to settings>security and empower Obscure source to introduce the application. Go to record administrator and open the download organizer and select OGWhatsApp IOS Application and snap on the Introduce button. Enter the code and make it unfit to get done with the responsibility on your og WhatsApp ios.

How do Update OGWhatsApp iOS APK to the Latest Version?

It is very simple to do. Go to update the application setting and choose the update app icon. Click on it to install and open it in your desired browser. Once it will be installed enjoy its features.

How to Take Backup and Restore Chats on OGWhatsApp iOS APK?

You can easily back up and restore the chats on the OGWhatsApp iOS by using Playstore. You can also go to the settings of your OGWhatsApp iOS and then restore or back up from there.


The OGWhatsApp iOS has various modes that you can utilize and make heaps of fun with them. Additionally, you can conceal your status, send enormous records, and do loads of things.


Is there an OGWhatsApp iOS version?

Yes, there is an OGWhatsApp iOS version.

How does OGWhatsApp iOS work?

OGWhatsApp iOS is very simple and easy to use.

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