WhatsApp Lite APK Download Latest Version (Updated) 2023

App Name WhatsApp Lite APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 28.9 MB
Latest Version v2.6
Required 4.4 +
MOD Info For Android
Genre Communication
Developer GBPlus
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Last Update few seconds ago
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"WhatsApp Lite" is the best application for your hard time on social apps. This tool is beneficial and convenient to use at any time. The hardware uses no electricity, has little storage, and has a slow internet connection. The WhatsApp Lite APK app runs smoothly without freezing on low- or medium-end Android devices.

Table of Contents

1.What is WhatsApp Lite APK?

2.WhatsApp Lite APK 2023 Features

  • Customize your Screen

  • Ads-Free

  • Huge Messages

  • Privacy Choice

  • Delete-Resistant Messages

  • Clear up your Messages

  • Post Your Current Location

3.How To Download WhatsApp Lite APK?

4.How to Restore WhatsApp Lite?



What is WhatsApp Lite APK?

The most widely used instant messaging software, WhatsApp Lite APK, provides free chat, calls, and videos over data with robust internet connections. It has become an essential component of every internet user, with more than one billion monthly active users and their nature.

This plugin for the Drov Brothers app resembles the WhatsApp user interface in several ways. It combines the colors of messaging software owned by Facebook to soften the lines. Honestly, that's a horrible knock.

Additionally, this is a Telegram version with all the standard features but a ton of built-in advertising channels, so that it could be a better MOD. In actuality, there are superior options.

WhatsApp Lite APK 2023 Features

Customize your Screen

You have access to various customization options, so you can customize your screen any way you wish. You can switch themes by choosing a new one from the wide selection of themes and then applying your preferred background image. Make your writing stand out and be impressive by using various font styles.


Even with the regular edition, the intrusive advertisement frequently disturbs us. In another modified version, the option to view advertisements cannot be disregarded. However, you can avoid the grating advertisement with the GB Lite version.

Huge Messages

Send a large number of texts at once to all of your contacts. The functionality functions very differently from group chatting and is only accessible in the GB Whatsapp Lite edition.
Before sharing your content with friends and family, alter it using various editing tools. Before sending your videos and images to your contacts, add stunning effects and filters.

Privacy Choice

Have hassle-free conversations with your connections, and your privacy worries will be alleviated. You can disable your "online status" so that no one can see when you were online or offline and any other features you don't want to share with your contacts. Hide the typing state, recording status, double ticks, blue ticks, etc. Thanks to all the settings, you can utilize the app however you like and use the ghosting position.

Delete-Resistant Messages

You have the choice to view your contact's deleted communications. Similarly, you can see your contacts' removal status ahead of time.

Clear up your Messages

You may filter out unimportant notifications from your app and delete all its useless stuff. You may improve your app's functionality in this way since it reacts rapidly.

Post Your Current Location

Meeting up with pals is a breeze with live location sharing. You can use the tool to share your present situation with your family.

How To Download WhatsApp Lite APK?

The following procedures must be taken to download this mod:

  • First, launch a browser and type in "WhatsApp Lite."
  • Click the download button on the download page after that.
  • Your smartphone will download the APK file.
  • Navigate to the security settings in the Android settings.
  • The "Install Applications From Unknown Sources" option should be enabled.
  • After that, you must wait till the installation is finished.
  • Open the app and begin using it once the installation is finished.

How to Restore WhatsApp Lite?

The procedures below can be done to restore your conversations in the new Mod Lite WhatsApp.

  • You can install the WA light as a separate Application in the drawer because the Apps are signed independently.
  • Take a backup of your WhatsApp conversations if you currently use the official app. Open Whatsapp and select Settings > Chats > Backup chats to accomplish this.
  • Delete the WA App now.
  • Look for the WhatsApp folder in your file manager after opening it.
  • Now GBWhatsapp Mini or another name consistent with the Lite App you installed should be used instead of WhatsApp in this folder.
  • Additionally, give each folder inside the WhatsApp Folder a new name corresponding to the installed app. For instance, you can transfer WhatsApp Media to GBWhatsApp Mini.
  • First, to restore a backup from the storage, check your phone number in the light WA.


It uses Internet data to transmit messages to other users in your contacts list, including text, photographs, videos, audio snippets, documents, GIFs, user location, and phone contacts. Even online WhatsApp video calls are possible. As a result, you can download WhatsApp Lite right away from our website.


Is a WhatsApp Lite app available?

The most well-known instant messaging app, WhatsApp Lite, has strong internet capabilities and provides free voice, video, and chat over data.

What is an APK file for WhatsApp?

What Purposes Do APK Files Serve? You may install software on your smartphone using APK files. They resemble package files on other platforms and the APPX files utilized for setting up Store applications on Windows.

Do the Lite apps function properly?

Too many features cause apps to bloat and consume too much storage on a user's phone. These apps cause the entire user's phone to lag in addition to the app itself.

What is WhatsApp cost-free?

WhatsApp Messenger is an entirely free instant messaging program on both Android and iPhone

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