WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest (Updated) v17.40 Official 2023

App Name WhatsApp Plus APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 55.8 MB
Latest Version v17.40
Required 5.0 +
MOD Info For Android
Genre Communication
Developer AlexMods
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Last Update few seconds ago
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Are you looking for the best version of WhatsApp that is safe to use? Then you should be glad because today I am here to introduce you to the best and latest version of the WhatsApp application named WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp is always the first choice of users for chatting purposes because it is safe and secure and you can share your pictures and videos without any problems related to security and privacy, you can send voice notes and can make video calls with your friends and families but still, users were not satisfied with its features that's why third-party developers developed WhatsApp Plus APK.

Table of Contents

1.What Is WhatsApp Plus APK?

2.Features Of WhatsApp Plus

  • Pin Important Chats

  • Read Deleted Messages

  • Lock your Application

  • Message Scheduling

  • Forwarding Limit

  • Download Status

  • Themes Store

  • Hide Online Status and Typing Status

3.WhatsApp Plus APK 2023 New Amazing Features

  • Hide Media From the Gallery

  • WhatsApp Icons

  • New Emojis

4.Why Download WhatsApp Plus APK?

5.How To Download WhatsApp Plus APK on Android Phone?

6.WhatsApp plus APK Web/PC Download

7.How To Update And Install WhatsApp Plus APK?

8.How To Backup And Restore Chats On WhatsApp Plus APK?



What Is WhatsApp Plus APK?

As we know WhatsApp is the most used social media application but its users were demanding more features that were not available in it that's why the creators developed WhatsApp Plus, because being a modified version it has a lot of new features and you will love to explore them once you install it on your device.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus has so many remarkable features and you will surely fall in love with them because of its new interface and incredible features, here is the list of some of the features of WhatsApp Plus:

Pin Important Chats

The official application allows you to pin chats so that you can keep an eye on your favorite chats but there was a limitation that means users were not allowed to pin more than 3 chats, but WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to pin chats more than 1000 so that you can receive important messages on time. You do not have to worry about ignoring any important message.

Read Deleted Messages

Sometimes sender deletes messages after sending them so that receiver cannot read that sent message but now WhatsApp Plus APK has the unique feature of reading those deleted text messages without letting them know. Now you do not have to worry about losing any important message because you can read that message even after deleting it from the sender.

Lock your Application

Sometimes users want to keep their chats private so that others cannot access their application, for such users there are so many options in WhatsApp Plus to lock it, you can lock your application with locks and PINs so that no one can access your application without your consent, now you do not have to worry about your chat privacy.

Message Scheduling

Users are sometimes so busy in their routines that they cannot send important messages on time like they cannot wish their friends on their birthdays at midnight similarly, they forget to wish their family about festivals. For such users, there is a special feature of message scheduling in WhatsApp Plus APK, so that all important messages deliver on time.

Forwarding Limit

In the official application, you can forward any message to your added friends, but there was a limit and you cannot forward messages to anyone beyond this limit. Users were allowed to forward a message to up to 5 people at once but now WhatsApp Plus allows you to forward a message to up to 100 people at once.

Download Status

In the WhatsApp application users are allowed to upload statuses so that their friends and families can watch and see their daily life activities but sometimes users want to save that status but the download options were not available in the official application, now you can download any status with tapping on download sign. You do not have to use any third-party application for downloading status.

Themes Store

Users always want to customize their applications but there was no variety in themes in the official application, but now you can switch to any of your favorite themes because WhatsApp Plus has a variety of themes and you do not have to use the same boring themes. Among all themes most useful is the dark theme because it helps in protecting your eyes from bright light and you can use this application comfortably at night.

Hide Online Status and Typing Status

The WhatsApp Plus Download is full of exciting features and there are so many new incredible features, there are many new privacy options that users were demanding for a long time. In WhatsApp Plus you can hide your online status from your added friends, so that your friends cannot keep an eye on your online activities, and you can use WhatsApp Plus without letting them know. You can also hide your typing status from others.

WhatsApp Plus APK 2023 New Amazing Features

Here are some important new features of WhatsApp Plus:

Hide Media From the Gallery

In the official application you can share images and videos and when someone shares an image or a video with you that media automatically appears in your gallery, but now WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to hide those media from your gallery. You can keep your WhatsApp media safe and no one can see it in your gallery.

WhatsApp Icons

The WhatsApp icon pops up on notification when you receive any message on WhatsApp but now you can hide the official WhatsApp Plus icon from others because in this application you have more than 10 icons and you can use them without any restriction. Now you can surprise everyone with these amazing icons.

New Emojis

WhatsApp Plus Download has a variety of new emojis and stickers and you can use them for showing your emotions, you can use these emojis instead of words and they look so eye-catching while chatting.

Why Download WhatsApp Plus APK?

There are many new features in WhatsApp Plus and being a modified version it facilitates inclusive features and its interface also attracts users. There are a lot of customization options in this application. You can use this application for sharing pictures and videos of the best quality.

How To Download WhatsApp Plus APK on Android Phone?

The Whatsapp Plus APK is the best version and it is so easy to download on your Android phone, So get ready to download Whatsapp Plus through the easy steps below:

  • There is a ‘download the Whatsapp plus APK‘ box on this web page, you have to then find it because it is very easy to locate, and when you find it just tap it.
  • Once you tap on it, the download for the Whatsapp plus APK version will begin, and you can see the progress of downloading on the notification bar.
  • Once the download of Whatsapp Plus finishes, Open your smartphone and go to Settings then to Security Settings. These settings are easy to find on any Android device.
  • Open the settings and enter the privacy section, now, select ‘Allow Access to Unknown Sources’ or give the Whatsapp plus APK version free download access.
  • Now wait until the installation is complete, because it may take some minutes.
  • Once the installation is complete just open the Whatsapp Plus apk and fill in the basic requirements there, enter your phone number and other requirements, and enjoy using this application.

WhatsApp plus APK Web/PC Download

You can download the Whatsapp plus APK on a Windows PC with the following simple steps:

  • Open up any Browser. Search and download the Bluestacks program.
  • once you are done, now open it.
  • Search for the ‘Whatsapp plus APK Download and press the Enter key.
  • There will be a list of apps there, you have to look for Whatsapp plus APK, once you find it just clicks on Whatsapp plus APK from all others.
  • Now click on the 'install now’ and wait for it until it downloads.
  • When it is downloaded just the option to install Whatsapp plus apk.

How To Update And Install WhatsApp Plus APK?

There are so many features in WhatsApp Plus APK that were not available in the previous application but you can get these now with updates so follow these steps to get these:

  • Just browse the WhatsApp Plus APK on the website and tap on downloading option, and the new latest version will start downloading.
  • Once the download is complete now you have to allow the installation from unknown resources from your phone settings.
  • Select the WhatsApp Plus icon from Files After you have enabled these settings,
  • The app will open with a pop-up asking for install permission for WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • Click install now and open the application enjoy the app, your recent chats will remain updated as your data is safe while updating the application.

How To Backup And Restore Chats On WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus allows its users to restore their chats in an easy way with its other aspects too so I am going to share the procedure for backup of WhatsApp Plus below:

First of all, you have to open the WhatsApp application and enter its settings, there you will find so many options about privacy issues and others, there you have to locate the chats option

  • Now find the chat backup option for your Whatsapp Plus, click on it.
  • Now you have to choose a Whatsapp plus Google account over which you want to store your chats as a backup.
  • After choosing the account tap on BACK UP data for Whatsapp plus. After some time, the process will finish on its own and your chats will be backed up.
  • Now you store that folder of chats in your internal storage.

For restoring Whatsapp plus chats on a new device you have to follow these steps:

  • You have to download the application and install it on your device.
  • After filling in the basic requirements, enter the phone number, and automatically an option on Whatsapp plus apk will appear that explains to you that there is a backup found for this number, if you want to install it just tap on restore.
  • After tapping on restore, your chats for Whatsapp plus apk will start downloading on the new application and you can have all your data back.


WhatsApp plus APK has so many new features and because of its lovely interface, everyone prefers it. This application is an updated version that has so many exciting features and you can enjoy all of them just by installing this application from any third-party website.

It protects the quality of shared images and also helps in hiding media from the gallery, there are so many new emojis and themes to make this chat more attractive and you can choose any font style to make your chat more attractive. Now you can pin more than 3 chats in this application, it is safe to use and you will love to use it because of its amazing privacy policies.


Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use.

Can I hide media WhatsApp Plus from the gallery?

Yes, you can hide media received from WhatsApp Plus APK from the gallery.

Can I replace the WhatsApp Plus icon with any other icon?

Yes, you can replace the WhatsApp Plus APK icon with any other icon because there are more than 10 available icons.

Can I customize themes in WhatsApp Plus APK?

Yes, you can customize themes in WhatsApp Plus.

Can I read deleted messages in WhatsApp Plus APK?

Yes, you can read deleted messages in WhatsApp Plus.

Up to how many people can I forward a text message to in WhatsApp Plus APK?

You can forward a text message to unlimited people at once in WhatsApp Plus.

How many chats can be pinned in WhatsApp Plus?

You can pin more than 100 chats in WhatsApp Plus.

Can I lock WhatsApp Plus APK with passwords?

Yes, you can lock this application with PINs and passwords.

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