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A revolution was started by communication through messaging once cell phones were available to the general public. In actuality, it altered the entire process. After that, the need for communication security became necessary. Due to this requirement, people developed novel solutions. Because of this, WhatsApp entered the market and quickly gained traction. Currently, around a billion people use it. However, this article will inform you about WhatsApp Plus iOS, a sibling application with additional features and capabilities. End-to-end encryption enables secure communication for all parties. To get all the details, we want you to read the article. Therefore, read on to learn more.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Plus iOS makes no claims of having any additional fees, so you may use it without bothering about having to pay anything. Impress your pals with the attractive features of WhatsApp Plus iOS with this messaging APK software.

Table of Contents

1.What is WhatsApp Plus iOS?

2.Amazing Features of WhatsApp Plus iOS

  • Hide Chats

  • Privacy

  • Customization

  • Blue Ticks

  • User Interface

  • Anti-Delete Status

  • Plan your Messages

  • Make messages specific:

  • Anti-Delete Messages

3.How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus iOS?



What is WhatsApp Plus iOS?

The new modified version of the regular WhatsApp for Android users, WhatsApp Plus iOS, has endless wonderful and fascinating features.

Millions of people use the reputable WhatsApp Plus iOS mod, which gives everyone access to many more features than the initial WhatsApp. Several operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS, support this mod. One of the most well-known apps on the internet, the number of its users grows daily.

Amazing Features of WhatsApp Plus iOS

Hide Chats

Chats can be hidden using the new Gold WhatsApp's capacity. As a result, you can conceal any chat without setting a password for it. You can Disable chat alerts first if you allow this option.


The privacy protocol that comes with WhatsApp Plus iOS may be its most significant benefit. By hiding the read information in the application, you can hide the blue bits from showing as you read the message. Viewing contacts' status updates alerts them.


You can allow WhatsApp Plus iOS to change the background image on all its screens and applications. Additionally, you may design your icons in your preferred colors for each group and a unique typeface for the entire program or just that particular group in WhatsApp Plus iOS without any limitations on font size.

Blue Ticks

We frequently receive and read messages but cannot respond to them for unknown reasons. What is the remedy? The blue dots will only appear when you answer the sender and not when you read the message after installing Gold WhatsApp.

User Interface

Besides privacy, Gold WhatsApp lets you completely personalize your chat interface. There are only a few aspects of the user experience that you will want to customize to your preferences, including font size, type, and color.

Anti-Delete Status

One of the most significant features Gold WhatsApp offers is once more Anti-Delete Status. A story will be removed; no one can access it if it is posted in the status area and then deleted after posting. However, using this WhatsApp mod, you may still view other people's tales even after they have been deleted.

Plan your Messages

In Gold WhatsApp, you can make a private message for a specific day and send it to a select set of friends on a specific day, then send it at the designated time and location. It is automatically sent.

Make messages specific:

While receiving many chats through this option, this function allows you to organize conversations and only displays the interface of enabled talks.

Anti-Delete Messages

If a sender decides to delete a message after it has been delivered, the recipient will notice, This message has been deleted, so they are unable to determine which text the sender sent. You will be able to see the deleted messages using this WhatsApp APK.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus iOS?

Installing WhatsApp Plus iOS on a mobile device is simple. However, if you are using WhatsApp Plus iOS for the first time, you still need to follow the instructions below:

  • Download the latest WhatsApp Plus iOS by clicking download.
  • Wait for your download.
  • Enable Unknown sources in the phone's configurations.
  • Install the file from your phone's Downloads folder.
  • Gold WhatsApp is available after giving the required information.


Choose Gold WhatsApp if you're looking for a WhatsApp-like instant messaging program with additional features; it will be the best option for you. You have been fully informed about WhatsApp Plus iOS here. Therefore, download it on your phone and use it responsibly.


Does WhatsApp Plus iOS make sense to use?

There is no conclusive response to this. While some think WhatsApp Plus iOS is a fraud, others assert that it comes with more capabilities not seen in the standard program. Now it's up to you to determine if you want to take the chance.

What features does it have?

A few extra features, like a better user interface and the option to cancel messages, are available with WhatsApp Plus iOS. A theme engine and other customization possibilities are also rumored to be included. Using it makes it easier to say whether these features work.

Is it secure to use?

The app's security is questionable, despite claims to the contrary made by specific users of WhatsApp Plus iOS. There have been rumors that the app might carry malicious code even though WhatsApp hasn't officially published it. It is not advised to utilize the app until more details are revealed.

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