WhatsApp Transparent APK Download V12.4 Latest (Updated) Official 2023

App Name WhatsApp Transparent APK
Publisher GBPlus
Size 42.7 MB
Latest Version V12.4
Required 4.4 +
MOD Info For Android
Genre Communication
Developer GBPlus
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Last Update few seconds ago
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Due to technology apps and gadgets, it becomes very easy to communicate around the world. When we talk about reliable messaging apps WhatsApp came on 1st no with 2 billons users in the world. Whatsapp Transparent APK is the most dedicated version of WhatsApp with better options, style, and security.

It is an encrypted app for smartphones and you can use lots of features on it. Whatsapp Transparent APK version has powerful features like settings, style, and customization of features. It is a popular app that is used in the world by many people and keeps a user-friendly interface. Due to its non-availability on Google Play Store, it can violate the terms and security of the app.

Table of Contents

1.What is WhatsApp Transparent APK?

2.Features of WhatsApp Transparent APK

  • DIY Theme

  • Dark Mode

  • Self-Deleted Message

  • Anti-Ban

  • Read Receipts

  • Customize Individual Words

3.WhatsApp Transparent 2023 New Amazing Features

4.Why Download WhatsApp Transparent APK?

5.How to Download WhatsApp Transparent APK on Android Phone?

6.How to Update WhatsApp Transparent APK to the Latest Version?

7.How to Take Backup and Restore Chats on Whatsapp Transparent APK?



What is WhatsApp Transparent APK?

WhatsApp Transparent is an application where you can chat with your friends, colleagues, and many other people. It has a variety of features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. It works for all types of Android devices and you can change font size, theme, DND Mode, Dark Mode, Message Schedule Mode, and many other fantastic features.

Features of WhatsApp Transparent APK

DIY Theme

You can change or customize the theme according to your choice as it gives lots of themes to use.

Dark Mode

You can change your theme in dark mode and it will convert into a black-and-white mode feature.
DND Mode: If you want nobody can disturb you during work or you would not talk to people then you can use the DND feature to tell others not to disturb you.

Self-Deleted Message

With this feature, you can delete your message which is read by others.


If you are using the Anti-Ban feature then your WhatsApp Transparent will not be banned permanently.

Read Receipts

By using this app you can enable or disable the read receipts.

Customize Individual Words

By using this mode you can make your sentences beautiful by selecting color words and customizing every single word.

WhatsApp Transparent 2023 New Amazing Features

In 2023 WhatsApp Transparent bring some amazing features that you would love to use. All these features are as follows. Pin Pattern and Lock, Backup feature, Upload a video of 7 minutes, Unique Tick Style, Several Gif images, Cool Launcher Icon, Add sticker from Play Store, Hide Status Stories, Chat without saving Number, Font Size, Smiles, Stickers and Emojis, Read the deleted message, Delete read message and huge size file sharing.

Why Download WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Whatsapp Transparent APK is a modern version of WhatsApp that give you mind-blowing features to use. You can yell your feeling in a better way by using smiles and stickers. It allows you to send and receive high-quality files such as images, videos, audio, PDF, and Zip file. With several features, it made communication easy among people that’s why people love to use it.

How to Download WhatsApp Transparent APK on Android Phone?

To download Whatsapp Transparent APK you need to follow some steps.

Firstly get the download link of Whatsapp Transparent APK and then allow your Android phone to install the app. Now go to settings>security and make enable Unknown source to install the app. Go to file manager and open the download folder and select WhatsApp Transparent App and click on the Install button. Once it will install it will ask for the code to confirm the installation. Enter the code and make it unable to complete the task.

How to Update WhatsApp Transparent APK to the Latest Version?

It is very simple to do. Go to update the application setting and choose the update app icon. Click on it to install and open it in your desired browser. Once it will be installed enjoy its features.

How to Take Backup and Restore Chats on Whatsapp Transparent APK?

Sometimes accidentally your important documents or messages are deleted. To take a backup to recover the chats or documents follow these steps.

Firstly, Install WhatsApp from the browser in Play Store. Click on the right side on 3 dots and go to select options. Now click on the chats option and choose the backup option. It will allow you to push the icon to take the backup. Click on it and the Transparentcess will take a few minutes. If you want you can delete the Whatsapp and secure the restore chats in the folder.


The best version of WhatsApp with many latest features that are not in the original WhatsApp. If you are crazy about its features download it and must try. Like other versions of WhatsApp, you can also share high-quality images and videos with WhatsApp Transparent. Use an essential no to make it long-lasting and secure it from any restriction of security terms. It has all versions for Android devices such as security, reputation, customization, media encryption, themes, customization of the chat screen, and many more.


How do I Download the Whatsapp Transparent APK?

As you know it is a modified version of Whatsapp and it is not available on the play store. So you can download it from GbPlus.SU.

Is WhatsApp Transparent free?

Yes, it is the free version of WhatsApp and you don�t need to spend money to install it.

Is WhatsApp Transparent Safe?

It is save the application and only Android users can use it. But don�t log in with a personal number. It can cause to ban on WhatsApp.

Is there a WhatsApp Transparent?

Yes, it is an amazing version of WhatsApp where you can communicate with lots of people and enjoy the best features.

How does WhatsApp Transparent work?

Whatsapp Transparent APK has many different modes that you can use and make lots of fun with them. Also, you can hide your status, send large files, and do lots of things.

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